The duvet is made from natural and anti-allergic raw materials, which are undoubtedly the fibres from alpaca wool. They are one of the most valued duvets in the world because of their properties. This type of wool is several times stronger than sheep’s wool, and is also characterized by high elasticity, extensibility and tightness. Thanks to these properties, the duvet is fluffy and very light. The structure of alpaca wool also has an exceptionally high thermal character and is very durable. The duvet guarantees a constant body temperature, is breathable and ensures free breathing during sleep, which is why it can be used both in summer and in winter. The duvet is hypoallergenic because it does not have lanolin – therefore it does not absorb dust and does not create conditions for the development of the mites.

The duvet is made from natural, high quality cotton, it is a luxurious product line that is exceptionally resistant to mechanical and chemical effects. It is also unusually abrasion resistant. In addition, the product has a high absorption capacity, which ensures a dry and pleasant climate during sleep.
An additional advantage is the calico fabric. Often colloquially called Egyptian cotton because it is made of 100% cotton which is why it is very smooth and durable.

The silk duvet is made of natural silk fibres which are characterized by the shine, smoothness and fine softness. In addition to being very thin, it is also incredibly warm and allows the skin to breathe while sleeping, as well as maintaining constant body temperature by perfectly wicking away moisture. An additional advantage is an unusually fine and very thin batiste, which was woven with satin braid, which was used to trim the 100% cotton duvet.

The cashmere goat wool duvet is considered one of the most expensive and luxurious wools in the world. The wool is thin, light and pleasant in touch. The cashmere-filled duvets are the most exclusive products in our collection because of their quality and the hand-sorting of the wool. The cashmere duvet is recommended for anyone looking for relax in the environment of luxury products. In addition, it has perfect thermal insulating properties. An additional advantage is an unusually fine cotton fabric with a satin braid which is used to coat the 100% cotton duvet.

The duvet was made from the sheep’s wool obtained during the training of live animals. The product has thermal insulation properties as well as hygroscopic properties. In addition, the air lets through and in this way it also ensures good ventilation and maintains a constant body temperature during sleep. We can count the sheep’s wool to the type of health care because it is used in healing rehabilitation, supports the entire circulation and alleviates joint pain.
An additional advantage is the trim fabric – the chintz. It is often called Egyptian cotton, because a tight, 100% cotton braid is often used in its manufacture, which is why it is very smooth and durable.

Down is a natural raw material with perfect insulation properties, which also has specific characteristics such as softness, lightness and firmness. By using the highest quality raw materials, the products are very durable. An additional advantage is an unusually fine, 100% cotton (Intel) trim fabric, it is a type of very dense cotton fabric with a twill weave made of atlas or canvas. The Intel cotton is waxed during the completion and smoothed very strongly. This fabric is mainly used for pillow castings and duvet castings.

The duvet made of camel wool was obtained as a result of the natural shedding of the wool by the animal itself and collected from bristles. The fibres of the wool are soft. Slightly curly, shiny, with double bristles. The wool is characterized by unusual insulation from cold and heat, and thanks to that it is perfect for use in winter and summer. The camel wool fibres are empty in the middle, which is why they are able to wick away moisture very well. The wool has great hygroscopicity and thus ensures correct body temperature, it also repels the mites and the dust. It has health benefits because it ensures healthy and peaceful sleep, alleviates rheumatic complaints and improves circulation.

The blanket of the Ekkowool brand is made of high quality and fine natural cotton for the skin. It is characterized by uncanny softness and fluffiness, at the same time it gives the body breath by ensuring the correct air circulation and a very high thermal comfort. Thanks to the possibility of washing the fabric in the automatic washing machine, it is light and practical to use – without losing any of its properties. The blanket is strong, warm and resistant to expansion, so it will serve us for many years. The edges of the ceiling were finished with aesthetic fringes that give it an elegant look. An additional advantage is its wide range of uses – also as a decorative accessory. The ceiling will test itself perfectly in any interior by giving it an unrepeatable character.


We encourage you to make your own personalized promotional blankets: it is not only an ideal accessory for any customer who will undoubtedly appreciate such a gift, and therefore it will be associated with your logo for a long time through its use, and determined he won’t forget it so quickly! We also invite representatives from the HoReCa sector to cooperate, it is also an ideal promotional product that can be found in every hotel room, apartment, guest house or hostel that is so popular today. We can manufacture the blankets in any colour from the specified range of colours and in various sizes.