Artieko – he wholesale centre for duvets

Do you want to sell high-quality wholesale household textiles in your store? Are you thinking of spreading your offer around the premium products from the best manufacturers? We invite you to cooperation! In order to meet customer expectations, we launched the modern B2B platform for online wholesale. By registering on the site, you gain access to all of the products we offer at competitive prices, as well as current inventory. Would you like to familiarize yourself with the details? Check the information contained in the B2B wholesale centre warehouse regulations.

The wholesale centre with anti-allergic duvets – the wholesale sale

In the offer of our wholesale centre you will find the products made from natural and anti-allergic raw materials – the duvets made of alpaca wool, cotton, silk, cashmere, down, camel wool or sheep’s wool, as well as the cotton advertising blanket. For long-term cooperation, we invite retail stores, wholesale centres, trade networks and internet shops. For our part, we guarantee complete professionalism, individual attitudes towards each customer, continuity of deliveries, as well as advantageous and clear conditions of cooperation. We cordially invite you to place orders in our B2B wholesale centre. Do you have questions? Please contact us!!

Below we describe the use of the B2B wholesale bedspread centre in a few points:

  • the purpose of the first order, you must REGISTER in our online B2B duvet wholesale center,

  • within the registration period, the customer gets secure access to the wholesale center in the form of login and password,

  • every order placed is confirmed by phone or e-mail,

  • Then, we will send a proforma invoice to the email address provided during the registration process in order to make the payment by means of a transfer to the bank invoice of our company shown in the document,

  • After the payment has been posted, the order is handed over for realization,

  • the VAT invoice is issued and sent via email up to 7 working days after receipt of the order,

  • every registered customer is only allowed to make further purchases after HAVING LOGGED into the online B2B wholesale centre,

  • all information for buyers – members of the e-commerce platform – is contained in the REGULATIONS of the B2B wholesale centre,