The cotton duvet


The cotton duvet

Imagine a soft, high-quality duvet that envelops you like a little cloud and was made from natural, high-quality cotton. Just think of how pleasant it is to wrap yourself up after a busy, rushing day. In our shop you will find cotton duvets of excellent quality with dimensions 140×200, 160×200, 220×220 centimetres. Such a great choice makes it easy to adapt it to the needs of your guests. Please cover them with the softness of the natural fibres. Choose the comfort and sleep security tailored to the needs of business people, families with children and young couples.

Cotton duvets for everyone

In the luxurious line of our products you will find cotton duvets that are unusually resistant to mechanical and chemical effects. For their manufacture, we have only used a fabric of the highest quality, which has the increased rub resistance. This means that the products on offer are perfect for hotels, guesthouses, hostels – you can wash and dry them several times without having to worry about resizing or pilling. In addition – the offered cotton duvets show great ability to absorb moisture, which ensures a dry, pleasant climate during sleep or rest.

The duvet in size of 220×220 made of Egyptian cotton – perfect for couples and not only

Do you think about what makes our duvets so unusual? Have you heard about the chintz called Egyptian cotton? This is a luxurious fabric of unrepeatable quality, which is made using a very tight braid. This type of production not only guarantees smoothness, but also unusual material resistance. Thanks to this, our cotton duvets assure unusually pleasant feelings during sleep, which allow 100% regeneration of the organism.

The manufacturer of high quality cotton duvets

Do you run a hotel, hostel or pension? Do you have some apartments to rent? Please don’t wait – think about how comfortably your guests can relax today. Please buy a perfect high quality cotton duvet directly from the manufacturer. Choose the size 140×200, 160×200 or 220×220 centimetres and expand the circle of relaxed, satisfied customers. Please rely on the quality and natural tissues, even for allergy sufferers. And if you have any suggestions, questions or doubts – please contact us – we’ll answer any of your questions.

The guarantee of high quality is the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certificate, which confirms safety for health and the natural environment. Our duvet was made in Poland from the best natural wool from alpacas that are considered the most ecological and friendly animals in the world.