The camel wool duvet


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140cm x 200cm, 160cm x 200cm, 220cm x 200cm

The camel wool duvet

The duvet made of camel wool was obtained as a result of the natural shedding of the wool by the animal itself and collected from bristles. The fibres of the wool are soft. Slightly curly, shiny, with double bristles. The wool is characterized by unusual insulation from cold and heat, and thanks to that it is perfect for use in winter and summer. The camel wool fibres are empty in the middle, which is why they are able to wick away moisture very well.

The wool has great hygroscopicity and thus ensures correct body temperature, it also repels the mites and the dust. It has health benefits because it ensures healthy and peaceful sleep, alleviates rheumatic complaints and improves circulation.

An additional advantage is an unusually fine cotton fabric with satin braid, used to coat the 100% cotton duvet.

The guarantee of high quality is the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certificate, which confirms safety for health and the natural environment. Our duvet was made in Poland from the best natural camel wool. In addition, this wool is considered one of the best in the world used to fill duvets.