The alpaca duvet


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140cm x 200cm, 160cm x 200cm, 220cm x 200cm

Anti-allergic duvets made from alpaca wool

The duvets that we offer have been made from natural raw materials which are undoubtedly the fibres from alpaca wool. It is one of the most valued substances in the world, both because of its anti-allergic properties and because of its unusual toughness. The duvets made from alpaca wool don’t contain lanolin which absorbs the dust and enables the mites to develop. We particularly recommend it to customers with sensitive breathing systems – allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

Tough duvets made from alpaca wool

Alpaca wool duvets are undoubtedly stronger than sheep’s wool. In addition, it is characterized by high elasticity, extensibility and resilience. The duvet we offer is fluffy and also very light. Many customers appreciate the structure of alpaca wool not only for its strength. This duvet also ensures constant body temperature, without depriving the skin of its ability to breathe freely, what significantly increases sleeping comfort.

The healthy duvet made from alpaca wool

We only offer the duvets from the renowned manufacturer Ekkowool. . Not only allergy sufferers or asthmatics can benefit from the positive features of the alpaca wool duvet. Their use also helps in rheumatoid diseases. This substance also alleviates nerve pain, post-traumatic pain, and even the great discomfort associated with joint pain.

The duvets made from alpaca wool

The duvets that we offer not only have a number of positive pro-health features. The alpaca wool helps to maintain the correct body temperature as well as to breathe the skin. Their softness and lightness make them an ideal alternative for traditional duvets, including summer duvets. The alpaca duvet was sewn with fine batiste, which is made entirely from cotton, what guarantees its unusual smoothness and the comfort of everyday use.

The guarantee of high quality guarantees safety for health and the environment. Our quilt is made in Poland from the best natural wool from alpacas, considered the most ecological and friendly animals in the world.