About us


The ARTIEKO company was created in response to the needs of the retail network and discounter market. We are also the owner and main wholesale distributor of the EKKOWOOL ® brand, which offers you premium products of high quality.

We have found a place for ourselves in the home textiles industry by manufacturing the products according to the orders of our clients in the B2B sector. We carry out sales exclusively in the wholesale system. We not only deliver our products to the retail networks, but also to the wholesale centres, retail stores or shopping platforms, which operate in an exceptionally dynamic way in the e-commerce sector. We are also open to extended cooperation with companies in the European Union.

Our goal is to identify and satisfy our customers’ needs, which is why we mainly focus on dedicated products as well as the products that are labelled for individual customer orders. We offer you the complete range of services from the creation of the entire concept, through the manufacture of the product, to its implementation and delivery to the customer. We attach great importance to professionalism and long-term cooperation with every company that sells our products wants, or would like to produce completely new products with us. Our creativity and flexibility in our work, combined with our extensive and long-term experience, the high market requirements and all expectations of our customers.

We guarantee the continuity of deliveries, advantageous conditions of cooperation and professional and kind service of each customer.

We cordially invite you to long-term and fruitful cooperation, distribution and joint production of products.

The Board of ARTIEKO Sp. z o.o.


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