We cooperate with a large international logistic company, thanks to which we can transport the goods in large quantities all over the country, as well as abroad in the European Union. We send smaller quantities of the goods ordered by a customer to the address specified by the customer in his order by means of a courier company.

If the intended quantity is larger, the goods can be sent on the Euro pallet or on an ordinary load pallet. In addition to the courier company, there is also the possibility of direct delivery to the specified location to the customer’s warehouse by means of a delivery vehicle that has been adapted to the loading / unloading of the pallets. Everything depends on the quantity of the ordered goods and on the final provisions for the way of delivery.

If the order exceeds the minimum amount of 1500 zloty/net, then the seller covers the shipping or delivery costs – in this specific case it is our company Artieko Sp. Z o.o.

If, on the other hand, the order is smaller and it does not exceed the sum of 1500 zloty/net, the costs of the transport service of 20 zloty /net for each parcel up to 30 kilos are automatically added to the invoice on the territory of Poland. All foreign shipments are charged individually, based on the respective place of delivery and the customer address. The average price for a package weighing 10-20kg is approx. 130-160 zlotys/net price, converted into euros according to the current exchange rate of the National Bank of Poland, on the day prior to the issue of the intra-community invoice of the European Union.