The company Artieko sp. z o.o. does not accept returns of goods purchased by customers in wholesale headquarter b2b – there is only the possibility to submit a complaint if it turns out that the goods supplied by the supplier – in this case by Artieko sp. z o.o. – have hidden defects or don’t meet the contract.

Attention! – we do not accept packages sent to our address without previous agreements via e-mail or telephone. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the instructions below.


First of all we ask you to send the information about the introduction of the complaint procedure via e-mail to the e-mail address:

We also ask you to describe in the email message what errors of the article have been detected and if possible to attach the photos. Please also give the company name, the number of the vat invoice, the first name and name of the contact person veltage of the telephone number and e-mail address.

Then our employees will contact you by telephone or email within 3 working days and inform you of the process of the procedure.

The following activity is the shipping of the defective goods to the address provided by our employees in the email message with the included complaint form – shipping will be made at the customer’s cost.

We do not accept packages with cod fee, or packages shipped by “e-shipping” or to the addresses of the package machine.

If the complaint is justified, the damaged goods will be repaired or replaced by a new whole value, and if it is impossible (e.g. because the collection is exhausted) artieko sp. z o.o. will return every transaction cost carried by the customer or offer other goods available in wholesale headquarters – according to his choice.

Returns of transaction costs will be transfered to the account number given by the customer. complaints will be examined within 14 working days.



Differences between the appearance of the ordered and received goods, which may result from a different setting of the parameters by the customer, and in particular the differences in colours and tones, do not create a basis for a complaint.

The natural products that have the signs of intended use.

The damage resulting from an improper method of maintenance that does not match the description on the use of the product as well as mechanical damage and stains.

The disclosable errors that were visible at the moment of package reception that was not reported immediately after the determination.

The complaints do not include changes in products with natural filling (feathers, down, half-down, sheep wool, other) which are based on their natural properties, therefore smell, rustle of the substance to be poured.

In addition, the seller confirms that the products offered by him have been approved by people. the seller shall not be responsible for any negative effect on human health resulting from the use of the product as well as from the buyer or to the person who use the product purchased by the buyer.